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Tip : How to make Great Pancakes

 Pancake Recipe

Siift 4 oz plain flour into a large bowl.

Make a well in the centre, crack two eggs and whisks them, slowly incorporating in the flour from the edges.

Take a mixture of 7 fl oz of milk and 3 fl oz of water,

Pour while still whisking.

Lastly, add 2 tbsp of melted butter until all of the flour mixture is combined into the wet ingredients.

When a thin cream-like batter has formed, the batter is ready to be poured into a greased hot pan.

Thinly coat the pan with 2 tbsp of the batter by tilting the pan side to side.

The burner should be turned down to medium heat.

After approximately half a minute the pancake can be flipped and heated for a few seconds more.

Once finished, slide the pancake onto a plate and fill

Suggestions:- Sprinkling of lemon and caster sugar. , banana and icecream, chocolate spread

Fold or roll and top once more with the lemon and sugar just before serving.

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